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We are 

And Help Companies Transform Their Businesses, Too.

Hi, We Are The Tailory

We Are Nerds, Workaholics and Entrepreneurs, With Numerous Projects In The Last Two Decades, Ranging From E-Commerce To Software And Retail, From FCMG To InsurTech And Advertising.


In Short: We Are Founders From Conviction And We Are Passionate About Learning, Growing and Having A Positiv Impact On People, Businesses and The World Around Us.

You Want To Work With Us. Sounds Great. Just Write Us And We'll Get Back To You.

Our Current Businesses

Clever Pasta



We Are Founders To The Bone.

Yet, We Also Love To Contribute Our Entrepreneurial Experience And Expertise To Other Business Models And Company Setups. 

Our Claim Is To Provide  Strategic Sparring  On An Eye-Level For Founders And CEOs And  Genuine Entrepreneurial Consulting  In Order Help Companies  Transform Their Businesses And Create Tangible Results. Always In Line With Their Strategic Direction and Vision.  

If You Are Searching For  Entrepreneurial Consulting  To Support You Project, We Are Happy To Hear From You.

We Are Specialized In Business Model Evaluation. Strategy  Development. Go-To-Market. Implementation. Digitalization.


We'd Love To Hear From You.

Get In Touch With Us.

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