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We Are
To T
he Core.

As Such, We Bring Our Entrepreneurial Experience, Start-up Approach And Expertise To Our Clients' Businesses, Helping Them To 
Leverage Untapped Assets And Bring 
Their Most Promising Ideas To Life.

Corporate Venture Building
From Business Model Evaluation To MVPGo-To-Market
And Spin-Off.

Project Support
With A Focus On Interim Management
Digital Transformation.




With More Than A Decade Of Experience In Building Our Own And Our Clients' Ventures, We Support In All The Early Stages Of Building New Ventures - From Idea, Concept And Strategy Through To Market Launch And Company Set-up.

We Are Execution Experts. Always Results-Driven. Always Entrepreneurial. And Always Focused On Our Clients' Goals And Visions.

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Innovation & Products

We Help Our Clients Create Value Alongside Their Existing Business By Transforming Ideas Into Real Products And Services. From Scouting And Developing To Finalized Concepts For Markets And Customers. Hand In Hand With Our Clients.

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Business Modelling & Strategy

​Taking The Defined Concept Further, We Identify And Evaluate Market Opportunities, Assess The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Potential Competitors, And Develop Go-To-Market Strategies And Business Models That Give Our Clients A Competitive Edge.

In Addition, As Entrepreneurs In A Variety Of Industries And Fields, We Often Have An Unconventional View Of Markets And Customers That Opens Up New Possibilities For Our Clients.

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Build & Roll-Out

We Have Invested Thousands Of Hours Of Work, Many Sleepless Nights And A Significant Amount Of Love, Pain And Money Into Our Own Ventures To Learn First Hand: An Idea Is Worth Nothing, Execution Is Everything. 

Because Execution Is So Critical To Success, We Strive To Not Only Create Our Clients' Ventures In Theory, But To Bring Them To Life, Test, Iterate And Succeed In Real Market Situations. From Founding To Hiring And Interim Management.


Seeking Entrepreneurial Support & Sparring?
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Interim Management

We Provide Our Clients With Expert Interim Management Focused On Change And Restructuring Initiatives In Existing Businesses As Well As Building New Structures. We Bring A Wealth Of Knowledge And Skills To The Table As Interim CEO Or CMO And Are Dedicated To Helping Our Clients Achieve The Perfect Ramp-Up Situation For The Successor Managers. Our Experience With A Wide Variety Of Corporate Structures And Operating Models Gives Us The Ability To Define The Perfect Setup For Almost Any Need.

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Process & Company Digitalization

The "Lean Startup Approach" Is Not Just A Buzzword For Us, And Working "Offshore" Has Long Been A Common Concept In Our Space. As Founders Of Many Digital Products, Decentralized Company Structures And Automated Processes And Routines Have Always Been Critical To Success.

As Remote Work And Collaboration Become The "New Norm", We Help Companies Change Or Create New Ways To Work, Collaborate And Create Value Through Automation, Process-Rules and Training Of People.

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Digital Marketing

Whether It's Creating And Running Ads On Social Media Or Google, Building Landing Pages And Websites, Or Setting Up Marketing Automation Funnels To Generate Leads. We'Ve Done It All. From Implementing It Ourselves To Managing High-Priced Agencies And 7-Figure Budgets.

Marketing - And Online Marketing In Particular - Is One Of Our Core Competencies, And We Are Happy To Support Our Clients With Strategies And Concepts, As Well As A Network Of Professional Service Providers To Get Your Project Off The Ground.


​Our Claim Is To Provide Strategic Sparring On An Eye-Level For Founders And CEOs And Genuine Entrepreneurial Advisory In Order To Help Companies  Transform Their Businesses And Create Tangible Results. Always In Line With Their Strategic Direction and Vision.  

Business Model Evaluation. Strategy  Development. Go-To-Market.
MVP. Implementation. Digitalization.


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